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Affordable Housing

In the 9th District, the strength of our communities is reflected in the homes where our families, friends, and neighbors can thrive. Karen Baker understands that affordable housing is not just a basic need—it's a right. Here's how Karen plans to make affordable housing a reality for more families in our region: 

  • Increase Funding for Affordable Housing: Advocate for increased federal funding for the construction and maintenance of affordable housing units. This includes supporting initiatives like the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) to encourage private investment in affordable housing.


  • Promote Rural Housing Initiatives: Work on tailored solutions that address the specific needs of rural communities in the 9th District, ensuring that federal housing policies are flexible enough to meet diverse local needs. 


  • Improve Housing Quality: Advocate for policies that ensure all housing, especially in economically disadvantaged areas, meets high safety and quality standards, along with funding to make that happen.


  • Expand Access to Homeownership: Facilitate first-time homeowner programs that assist residents in Southwest Virginia in purchasing their own homes, focusing on low-interest loans and down-payment assistance.

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