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Broadband for All

Access to reliable and fast internet is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity for education, business, and everyday life. In Congress, Karen Baker will fight to ensure every household in Southwest Virginia is connected:


  • Universal Broadband Access: Champion policies to expand broadband infrastructure to every corner of Southwest Virginia, ensuring rural and underserved areas receive the same quality of service as urban centers. 


  • Affordable Internet Services: Work to drive down costs and increase competition among service providers, making internet access more affordable for all income levels, and reauthorize and increase discounting of internet service for income-limited families.


  • Support for Telemedicine and E-Learning: Promote the use of broadband for telemedicine and e-learning platforms, which are crucial for the health and education of our community, especially in areas that are geographically challenged. 


  • Partnerships with Local Businesses: Encourage partnerships between government and local businesses to boost economic development through improved digital connectivity.

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