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Karen Baker to Announce Candidacy for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s 9th District

Floyd, VA—Karen Baker will announce at 210 S Locust St, Floyd VA 24091 on April 20th at 12:30 pm, her bid for the United States House of Representatives in Virginia’s 9th Congressional District. Following her announcement, Karen Baker will be available to answer questions from the media, providing an opportunity to understand her platform and her aspirations for the district. 

Born and raised in the heartland of America, Karen’s journey from a small Midwestern town to the forefront of legal and healthcare advocacy showcases her dedication to fighting for those in need. A proud alumna of William Smith College with a degree in comparative religion, followed by earning a J.D. from Catholic University Law School, Baker has tirelessly worked to uphold the principles of fairness and equality. As a trial lawyer for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, she was a formidable force against discrimination, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of sex, race, or age, received justice.

Beyond her legal career, Baker served as an Administrative Law Judge for the Social Security Administration for 17 years, further solidifying her role as a champion for Americans' rights and needs. Her commitment to public service also extends into her personal life: Raising her son as a single mother and caring for her husband through a debilitating health battle, Karen’s experiences are deeply rooted in her understanding of the challenges facing families in the 9th District.

Transitioning from law to healthcare, Karen further demonstrated her commitment to serving her community by becoming a registered nurse and working in the intensive care unit of a small rural hospital. Her diverse background in legal advocacy and frontline healthcare uniquely positions her to address the vast array of issues facing residents of Southwest Virginia.

Karen Baker's campaign pledges to focus on securing good jobs and fostering a strong economy, ensuring access to affordable housing and quality health care, as well as early childhood development. Her vision for the 9th Congressional District is one of prosperity, equity, and community-driven success. Karen Baker’s candidacy is not merely a political endeavor; it is the continuation of a lifelong journey dedicated to serving and uplifting those around her.

We encourage all press members interested in covering this pivotal moment in Virginia’s 9th Congressional District to join us. For additional information and to confirm your attendance, please contact Brendon Bordwine at (276) 206-5462 or


Karen Baker on the Issues

Early Childhood Education and Daycare: Spaces in accredited daycare centers are sorely lacking throughout the 9th District. Increasing the number of programs and the rate at which those resources are used by rural families is essential to the health and economic outcomes of SWVA families. “Not all public schools in Virginia offer pre-school. Head Start is a federally funded program that seeks to fill some of those gaps, but there is a critical need for more affordable childcare for families across the income spectrum and with multiple young children,” said Baker. A family of four with an infant and preschooler making $67,000 per year (225% Federal Poverty Level) will spend 30% of their annual income on childcare.

Healthcare: Too many rural people do not live close enough to hospitals and critical care units to ensure positive healthcare outcomes. Healthcare, like education, should not depend on your zip code. We need to expand the Federal PACE program which has been so successful in allowing seniors to age safely in place. Baker wants to scale programs like this up and tailor them to other rural areas. “It can be used as a model for an All-inclusive Family Care Center (AFCC) that will be unique to rural communities. Providing comprehensive healthcare from birth to death in rural areas where geography can be a barrier, will be a priority for me in Washington.”

Agriculture: Small family farms need access to markets and processing facilities usually closed to smaller farmers. “I will increase the number of USDA Inspectors and decentralize processing plants with regional abattoirs.” Baker says “opening markets up to smaller farmers is good for our farmers and ultimately for grocery prices. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially in rural areas. We aim to keep wages and profits in our local economy, not in shareholder dividends on Wall Street".

Morgan Griffith: He voted against emergency baby formula supplies, capping insulin costs, allowing Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate prescription drug prices, and funding for infrastructure projects that are bringing real jobs to SWVA. He has voted against funding the Black Lung Trust Fund, against funding miners’ healthcare insurance, and against their pensions. “Mr Griffith has thumbed his nose at any and every bill that would make a real difference to working families. I won’t put politics over people,” says Baker. “I will work for YOU and the health and safety of your families. Let me add, the Border Deal would have been done, but for the House Freedom Caucus tanking it, joined by Griffith!” 


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