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Support for Seniors

Seniors have contributed a lifetime of work and wisdom to our community, and they deserve to live their later years with dignity and security. Karen Baker is committed to ensuring that all seniors in Southwest Virginia have the support they need: 


  • Strengthen Social Security and Medicare: Advocate for policies that protect and enhance Social Security and Medicare, ensuring these programs remain solvent and capable of meeting the needs of our aging population. 


  • Expand Access to Home-Based and Community Services: Push for more federal funding for programs like PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) to allow more seniors to age in place safely with Meals on Wheels, nurse visitation, and necessary home renovations. 


  • Affordable Prescription Medications: Continue the work of lowering the cost of all prescription medications, making them more accessible to seniors on fixed incomes. 


  • Support for Caregivers: Promote policies that provide support and resources to caregivers, recognizing their critical role in the healthcare system and providing them with the assistance they need to care for our elderly.

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