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Support for Public Schools

Education is the cornerstone of opportunity. In Congress, Karen Baker will advocate tirelessly for the support and enhancement of our public schools in Southwest Virginia: 


  • Increase Funding for Public Schools: Push for federal funding to ensure that rural schools have the resources they need to succeed, over and above Virginia funding formulas. Many of the schools in the 9th District are simply outdated and in need of critical renovations and the local tax base cannot meet the need.


  • Support for Teachers: Advocate for better pay and professional development opportunities for teachers, recognizing their vital role in shaping our children’s future. 


  • Expand Access to Early Childhood Education: Work to make pre-K education accessible to all families, giving every child in our region a strong start in life. 


  • Enhance STEM and Vocational Training: Promote STEM education and expand vocational training programs, preparing students for the demands of the modern workforce.

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