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Free Trade School Education

Investing in vocational education is essential for building a robust workforce and fueling economic growth. Karen Baker is committed to making trade school education accessible to everyone in the 9th District: 


  • Tuition-Free Trade Schools: Advocate for federal and state funding to make trade school education tuition-free for more residents of Southwest Virginia, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder career advancement. 


  • Partnerships with Industry: Establish partnerships with existing local industries to align trade school programs with the current job market, ensuring students gain relevant skills that lead directly to employment, and network for new industry and new jobs.


  • Expand Apprenticeship Programs: Support the expansion of apprenticeship programs that combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction, offering a direct path to employment in skilled trades. 


  • Support for Non-Traditional Students: Implement additional support services for non-traditional students, including older adults, returnees, and veterans, to ensure they have the resources and flexibility needed to succeed in trade school.

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