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Community leaders, elected officials, and influencers join together to support Karen Baker for Congress


"Karen Baker presents the best opportunity in recent memory to take back the 9th Congressional District seat. She is a lawyer, retired federal administrative law judge, and a nurse. All of these skill sets make her the obvious choice to challenge Morgan Griffith this cycle.


Karen's lifelong dedication to service, coupled with her proven leadership skills, ensures she will bring about meaningful change. She has my full endorsement to serve as the next representative for Virginia’s Fightin' 9th Congressional District, and I am confident she will lead with integrity, passion, and resilience."

Congressman Don Beyer

VA 8th Congressional District


"I'm proud to endorse Karen Baker to represent Virginia's 9th Congressional District. I know that she will focus on delivering results on the issues that matter to Virginians — including growing our economy, expanding access to high-speed internet, and supporting our schools.


Karen will be a strong voice for Southwest Virginia."

Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger

VA 7th Congressional District

"I am excited to endorse Karen Baker for Virginia US House District 9. Karen will be an effective voice for Southwest Virginia in Washington. She will fight for an economy that works for all and to protect our freedoms.


Please join me in supporting Karen Baker."


Senator Saddam Salim

Senate District VA-37


"The 9th District is ready for a new representative in Congress and Karen Baker is the change we are seeking. As a resident of Floyd, Karen understands the challenges facing Southwest Virginia and her lifelong service to others shows that she is ready to fight for what matters most to her region.


Vote Karen Baker this November for a brighter future in CD9!" 

Delegate Sam Rasoul

House District VA-38

"Karen Baker's diverse background, spanning from her legal expertise to her dedicated service as a nurse, uniquely positions her to address the critical issues facing our healthcare and education systems. Her firsthand experience navigating these fields equips her with the insight and empathy needed to champion these issues Virginian's face."


Senator Ghazala Hashmi

Senate District VA-15


“In Karen Baker we have a candidate that understands the many challenges facing our large and diverse 9th Congressional District. Karen has listened to citizens as she continues to cross our district, and they have expressed their concerns about accessing quality health care, childcare, and K-12 public schools. Karen understands the importance of growing the district's economy and workforce, and improving the opportunities for all our citizens. I endorse Karen's candidacy as she strives to represent and serve the citizens of the 9th Congressional District.”

Supervisor Mary Biggs

Montgomery County Board of Supervisors


Anthony Flaccavento

2018 Candidate for Congress (VA-9)

Executive Director of RUBI

“I’m endorsing Karen Baker as the Democratic Congressional candidate in Virginia’s 9th District.  As someone who has run before in the 9th, I know how challenging it can be.  But I also know that southwest Virginia is an incredible place with amazing people who are tackling the many challenges we face with both grit and creativity. 


Southwest Virginia, like so much of rural America, is filled with innovators and problem solvers, people who work together across differences to get stuff done.  Just imagine if we had a congressperson who actually supported these bottom-up efforts.  From conversations I’ve had with Karen, I believe that she is committed to exactly that.  I encourage others to support her as well!”​

Councilman Liam Watson

Blacksburg Town Council

“Karen understands the challenges facing our region and is committed to preserving our way of life, protecting our environment, and creating opportunities for our families. Her pledge to fight for clean air and water, good jobs, and the well-being of our community speaks to the soul of our region and the needs we face from Blacksburg to Pennington Gap — and everywhere in between.


Karen Baker is the leader we need in Congress to represent the values and interests of Southwest Virginia. With Karen’s leadership, we can build a bright future for Appalachia and ensure that Southwest Virginia receives the respect and representation it deserves.”


"Her leadership, life experience, and passion to do right by others is exactly what Congress needs right now.

She would be an excellent addition to Virginia’s Congressional delegation and I’m happy to provide my full endorsement."


Jade Harris

2023 Candidate for VA Senate District 3

Former Vice-Mayor of Glasgow, VA


"We need a US Representative like Karen Baker here in the 9th District. Karen has led a life of service, as a lawyer, a judge, and even a 'second act' as a nurse. She has a heart for service and a head for problem solving.


Her opponent has had 7 terms and that is quite enough. Let’s make a choice for change!"

Mayor Leslie Hager-Smith

Blacksburg Town Council

“Karen is the kind of fighter the 9th District needs. She has a heart for public service and will deliver results for Southwest Virginia.


From protecting our coal miners to working to address our healthcare needs, to bringing new jobs, the 9th District needs Karen Baker.


 Councilman Neal Osborne

Bristol City Council

Former Mayor of Bristol, Virginia


"The 9th District requires a representative like Karen Baker. Karen's extensive background in law, the judiciary and a subsequent career shift into nursing exemplifies a life dedicated to serving others.


Her commitment to service coupled with her adept problem-solving skills make her an ideal candidate."

Councilwoman Susan Anderson

Blacksburg Town Council

“Karen Baker will put people over politics and be our voice in Washington. She will represent all of us, not just the wealthy and powerful.


She has spent more time in Tazewell listening and learning about geriatric issues in the last month than Morgan Griffith has in 14 years."


Regina Salyers

Former Executive Director of the Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens (2010-2022)


"Karen is a proven leader who will fight tirelessly for our community's needs. Her diverse experience as a lawyer, judge, and nurse has equipped her with the unique insight and empathy needed to serve effectively in Congress and address the 9th District's challenges.


Her dedication and integrity are exactly what we need to represent us in Washington."

Supervisor Sara Bohn

Montgomery County Board of Supervisors

"Karen is the advocate that the 9th District needs. Her unwavering support for farmers and agriculture as an economic driver in the 9th district underscores her commitment to fostering prosperity and resilience in rural communities.


Whether safeguarding the livelihood of our coal miners, tackling healthcare challenges, or fostering job growth, Karen Baker is the indispensable force for the 9th District."


Supervisor Phil McCall

Washington County Board of Supervisors


We require a US Representative like Karen Baker in the 9th District. Karen's journey reflects a dedication to public service, spanning roles as a lawyer, a judge, and a nurse. Her compassionate approach and adept problem-solving skills make her an ideal candidate for this position."

Vice-Mayor Dwayne Anderson

Abingdon Town Council

"I enthusiastically endorse Karen Baker for the 9th District. I know that she will ensure the health and safety of each resident of Virginia's 9th Congressional District.


Councilwoman Lauren Colliver

Blacksburg Town Council

MichaelSutphin_January2024 (1).JPG

“Karen Baker has the passion and experience Southwest Virginia needs in Congress. As a lawyer, judge, and nurse, she has dedicated her life to public service. Karen's commitment to clean air and water, quality jobs, and a strong education system reflects the values of our community in Blacksburg.”

Vice-Mayor Michael Sutphin

Blacksburg Town Council

“Karen truly understands the issues facing those living in Southwest Virginia. It is time to get the respect we deserve and get things done. I am confident that she will make a great representative for the 9th District.”


Treasurer Fred Parker

Washington County


"Imagine a congresswoman who meets you where you are, listens to your story, your concerns and your ideas, and works with you to bring change right where you live. Karen Baker, with her passion for public service and her experience in social security law, advocates for our health and well-being, ensuring that every citizen of the 9th District has a listening ear and a congressional advocate. Our region is made stronger with leaders who work together to deliver results. Karen is the leader we need in the 9th District and in Southwest Virginia!"

Vice-Mayor Joe Cobb

Roanoke City Council

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